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Germany gets introduced to the ASEAN region

Germany gets introduced to the ASEAN region

To help promote Thailand as a destination for European investors, the Thai-European Business Association (TEBA) has joined consultancy company Sanet to co-organise “Bayern Goes ASEAN” in the town of Regensburg, Germany.



?From 16-18 September TEBA and consultancy company Sanet organised the “Bayern Goes ASEAN” event in Regensburg, Germany. The series of seminars introduced Thailand and the rest of the ASEAN region to business people from Germany’s automotive sector looking at expanding their operations in Asia.

The seminars gave the German companies attending a look at the ASEAN region as a potential alternative to China. TEBA President Uli Kaiser conducted a special workshop providing the attendees with in-depth information on the Thai automotive market.

To help promote Thailand as a destination for European investors, the Thai-European Business Association (TEBA) has joined consultancy company Sanet to co-organise “Bayern Goes ASEAN” in the town of Regensburg, Germany. The event will present the ASEAN automotive and aerospace sectors to business executives from this region through a series of workshops and seminars. Bayern Goes ASEAN will be held from 16th?– 18th?September this year. The seminars will provide German automotive and aerospace companies with in-depth information about the opportunities available in the ASEAN region. Bayern Goes ASEAN represents a perfect opportunity for networking and business matching between German and ASEAN automotive and aerospace companies that have a keen interest in expanding their operations into the ASEAN region.

Events and Speakers:

1. Management Seminar: “Business Mentality in?Southeast Asia
Held by Germany’s top cultural competence coach and?author?Dr. Hanne Seelmann

  1. Workshop: “Future Market?ASEAN?– Better than China?
    Keynote: Industrial advisor and author?Dr. Gunter Denk

– Panel?discussion with participants from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia

  1. Workshop: “Future Market ASEAN – An?Automotive?Industry is Growing
    Introduce the?Thailand?Autobook?2014?and in-depth?information?about?the?market with two experts in?the sector:Uli Kaiser and Sven Korf.
  2. Workshop: “Future Market ASEAN – Roadmap?for a?New Aerospace Centre

Keynote: Speaker from the?Aerospace Industry.

Introduction of the Thailand Aerospace Roadmap?by?Hugh Vanijprabha, Executive Director of the Thai-European Business Association?(TEBA)

  1. Individual Advisory Services
    Experts from six?ASEAN countries will provide individual company advice?following the workshops as well as on-site in the East Bavarian region.

Find out more information at the official event website:?http://www.bayern-goes-asean.com/?

The event is planned and organized in cooperation with, and supported by:

  • Bravarian export-promotion agency:?Bayern International
  • The Industrial Chamber for Regensberg
  • Eastern Bavaria and Upper Palatinate (IHK Regensburg)
  • The city of Regensburg, and
  • PRIME Consultancy in Jakarta

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